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Corporate social responsibility

ESPA understands corporate social responsibility as a concept that is intrinsically linked to our business activities, such that this responsibility provides a competitive advantage for the future.

Knowing that it is addressing a responsible user-consumer, ESPA is firmly committed to integrating all environmental and social aspects into the corporate culture.

Business success―that is, manufacturing a good product, having brand value, efficiency and profitability―cannot be separated from social responsibility to all stakeholders―from direct collaborators to the entire value chain―engagement with the region, cultural and environmental actions and, of course, the rights of customers and consumers.

Internally, ESPA complies with all regulations regarding non-discrimination at work, rights of association and employment of the disabled, and is a pioneer in implementing all these matters. The occupational hazard policy strictly forbids the employment of persons under the age of 18, and all protocols of action are followed in alleged cases of sexual harassment or gender discrimination in the workplace.

Externally, resources are put into charitable, basic sports and cultural projects, with a firm commitment to achieving representation in a global world. Procedures have been introduced for efficient waste management and research and innovation are promoted in eco-efficient products that are more environmentally friendly.

In the academic arena, ESPA promotes dialogue between universities and the business world, through open knowledge and active, physical involvement with the University of Girona. As a result, ESPA has set up an R&D competence centre at the Girona University Science and Technology Park, which specialises in pumping intelligence, advanced design and hydraulic and electromechanical simulation. In 2010 this same university created the ESPA chair for pump engineering and water technology. This initiative aims to motivate specialisation, the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge management, and to support the initiatives of the university world with respect to water management and associated technologies.


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