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Tips to tune up your pool


With the arrival of heat and good weather, what is better than take a good dip in the pool, enjoy watching the children playing, or just sit on the edge of the pool at midnight while you have a drink?

To be able to enjoy all these pleasures, we must first tune our pool after the hibernation period.

Here you have some tips:

1. Cleaning

If your pool has been covered during the winter, remove the protective tarp, clean it with a brush and dry it before storing it.  You may also clean the beach from inside out and the mark that has remained on the water line.

Take advantage and clean the skimmer, overflow channels (if you have an infinity pool) and all the accessories that you pool may have.

2. Equipment check

Enter to the machine room and move all the valves, check the electrical panel, the pump, clean the basket of the pump pre-filter, and other items that you have in the machine room.

Before restarting the connection system, check the closing of the pump, the filter covers, the purges and if necessary, grease the joints.

Check if the water level is the optimal (must reach ¾ of the skimmers), otherwise, fill it out.

Is it necessary to change the filter medium (sand, cartridge, glass, etc.) or add more? It is advisable to change ESPA’s sand filter every 3 years, when it has lost filtering capabilities.

ESPA pumps does not require maintenance, even though we suggest you to check the correct operation of your pool equipments.

In order to eliminate the impurities recognized in the filter, a backwash must be done. It consist of putting the lever of the filter in backwash mode, to reverse the order of the circuit and wash it inside. Before going into filtration mode, you must rinse the system.

Check and re-program, if necessary, the programming clock to set the duration of your pool.

3. Water treatment

First of all, analyze the pH of your pool’s water (remember that it should be between 7.2 and 7.6) and other chemical parameters of water quality.  This treatment will help to avoid possible irritations in eyes and skin, reduce the consumption of chlorine or other disinfectant chemicals products.

The usual, cheaper and with less environment impact is to reuse the water of last summer. In case the parameters of water quality are abnormal and to ensure a clear and perfect water, you should perform a shock chlorination with the pump in motion to ensure a homogeneous distribution. Once the chlorination test has been applied and before the first bath, check all the parameters again.

And the last and most importantly, enjoy a good and refreshing bath!


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