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Improvements of the production processes for surface pumps with components in cast iron


From July 1st, 2018 ESPA launches the first pump series with major process improvements that include the manufacture of new moulds, improvement of materials and new processes of casting, as well as new processes and materials for anti-corrosion coating.

One of ESPA’s core values is continuous improvement to offer solutions that are adapted to current and future market demands to meet customers’ needs and maintain a strong commitment to the environment.

Therefore, it is vital that we research our customers’ needs and identify any possible improvements, so that we can offer them the perfect product.

Within this spirit of innovation and adaptation to the market needs are pleased to report on the project of major improvements of the production processes in all components of cast iron for the ESPA surface pump series:


The launch of the first products with such improvements will be July 1, 2018, with the launch of PRISMA 15 and ASPRI 15 series, and thereafter, until the end of January of 2019 ESPA will introduce the rest of products of the above-mentioned pump series.

This improvement project includes the manufacturing of new moulds, materials upgrading and new processes of casting as well as new methods and materials for anti-corrosion coating treatment.

The anti-corrosion coating treatment method for all parts in contact with the liquid is improved from the current process of epoxy powder to a cataphoresis coating treatment method that uses electrical current to deposit the coating onto a part or the assembled product.

With this change ESPA adapts the products to the current market needs and prepares it for the future requirements of new European standard for drinking water, currently under development, at the same time the process fits certain requirements of current certifications, such as WRAS (United Kingdom), ACS (France) and DVGW (Germany), for drinking water.


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