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New Speedrive power range


With the launch of the three-phase Speedrive T4 a new power range for the Speedrive has been released

Last may ESPA launched a new three-phase model of the Speedrive, the Speedrive T4, which complemented the existing models T2 and T3. This model compared to the other two is capable of reaching a maximum intensity of 13 A. During the development of the T4, new improvements have been made which they also have been implemented to the other models of the Speedrive range. All these improvements are included in the v1.3 version which includes:

  • New display screen that admits languages which have non Latin characters.
  • Upgrade of the hardware and software of all the models.

All these modifications have resulted in a modification of the power of each model in order to create a solid range of Speedrive models which can fulfill all the requirements.

Speedrive M2: 7,0 Imax [A] - 1,5 P2max [kW]

Speedrive T2: 5,0 Imax [A] - 2,2 P2max [kW]

Speedrive T3: 8,0 Imax [A] - 3,0  P2max [kW]

Speedrive T4: 13.0 Imax [A] -  5,5 P2max [kW]

It is very important to mention that all the former models of the Speedrive are 100% compatible with this new version. For more information about this product you can contact us and we would be more than happy to provide you with further details.

One of ESPA’s core values is the continuous improvement of our products and to not stick to the status quo. For this reason we are constantly researching how to improve our products and create products to fulfill unmet needs to give the costumer the best possible service.


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