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"Avancemos" (go forward) has been the meeting’s motto of the heads of the ESPA subsidiaries.

The annual directors’ meeting of the ESPA subsidiaries, SUMMIT 2019, was held from 21 to 25 January 2019 with the motto AVANCEMOS (go forward). This meeting is a great opportunity to share experiences between the subsidiaries ESPA has around the world and the team at the headquarters.

During the sessions, corporate brand issues were discussed and product innovations were presented for this 2019. There was also a place to work on more personal aspects through "coaching" and other playful sessions to develop teamwork, such as a ScapeBox.

Thanks to the collaboration between ESPA and Girona FC, one of the Summit sessions was held in a box of the Girona FC field. The subsidiaries managers received the captain's bracelet as a symbol of leadership in their subsidiary and commitment to Girona FC, since all of them have joined the club.

After this convention, we can say that all of the subsidiaries and headquarters in Banyoles form a single, well-cohesive team with the common goal to advance day by day to conquer the future.


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