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Hydropneumatic pressure unit consisting of two electric pumps, each controlled by the ESPA ESD variable frequency drive.

The pressure is read in real time to adapt the motor revolutions regulated by the ESPA ESD variable speed drives and to adjust the flow provided to the demand of the installation. This achieves greater comfort for the user, by ensuring a constant water supply pressure. The reduction of the motor frequency also leads to considerable energy savings, as well as reducing the noise level at the site where the equipment is installed.

The pumps are started in cascade and in alternation, thus guaranteeing a perfect distribution of the operating times of all the pumps and increasing the durability of the equipment.

The electric pumps of the device are attached to a frame that guarantees the stability and alignment of the system. A non-return valve and a stop valve are assembled on the discharge of each electric pump, with a link provided for easier removal and maintenance of the equipment.

The valves are connected to a common stainless-steel manifold. The equipment includes an 8-litre hydropneumatic accumulator and a connection box with circuit breaker protection for easy installation and connection of the electric circuits in the smallest space possible.


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Series features CKE2:
  • Equipment
  • Check valve: Yes
  • Manifold: Included
  • Support base: Included
  • Electrical characteristics
  • Electrical isolation: F Class
  • Motor type: Asynchronous
  • Protection rating: IP55
  • Regulation: Electronics
  • Reset: Automatic
  • Service factor: S1
  • Service type: Continuous
  • Manufacturing characteristics
  • Discharge connection type: Flange
  • Impeller type: Closed
  • Motor cooling: Fan
  • No. pumps: 2
  • Suction connection type: Flange
  • Suction type: Selfprimming
  • Tank capacity (l): 8
  • Materials
  • Discharge body: Cast GG0
  • Gaskets: NBR/EPDM
  • Impeller/s: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Mechanical seal: Aluminium- Graphite/ Graphite- Steatite
  • Pump shaft: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Support base material: Metallic Sheet Painted
  • Usage limits
  • Liquid temperature (ºC): Max: 40
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Speedrive catalogue .pdf 3.11 Mb f
Technical appendix Spanish .pdf 1.48 Mb f
Speedrive V2 user instruction manual .pdf 12.19 Mb f
Product portfolio .pdf 2.22 Mb f


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