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Silen Plus

Silen Plus
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Silen Plus includes an ESPA pool pump and a frequency inverter with a major innovation in its operation to adapt it for usage in pools.

Silen Plus includes an ESPA pool pump and a frequency inverter with a major innovation in its operation to adapt it for usage in pools.

To calculate the estimated annual savings of using Silen Plus versus standard fixed speed pumps click the following link:

Energy and water savings calculation

  • New design
  • New materials
    • Motor shaft in stainless steel AISI 431
    • Special mechanical seal in AISI 316
    • Bearings up to 160° C
    • 10.000 hours P2 capacitor withaluminium casing
  • Ultra-silent (45 DB)
  • Self-priming up to 4m
  • Extended warranty up to 5 years

In addition the Silen Plus pump has a built-in wireless control system ESPA evopool® control system, to automate the installation's operation, achieving maximum ease and efficiency of operation.

New tool to calculate the energy and water savings with Silen Plus.

The ESPA evopool® control system detects the position of the selector valve and transmits it to the pump to automatically activate or deactivate the operation cycle depending on the position.

The result, the top-of-the-line model and the full embodiment of EVOPOOL® technology with a series of unique benefits:

  • ESPA evopool® control system = automation of the pool filtering system
  • ESPA evopool® Filtration Plus = more efficient filtering cycle
  • ESPA evopool® Backwash Plus = high performance backwash cycle
  • ESPA evopool® App = Superior management from a smartphone
  • ultra-silent operation - 45dB
  • energy savings: electricity (up to 84% electricity savings) and water(up to 58% water savings)
  • cost savings
  • dry-running protection
  • easy installation and use
  • 50/60 Hz model
Silen Plus Click on the image to download the pdf of the dimensions


Silen Plus Click on the photo to enlarge it
Silen Plus
Series features Silen Plus:
  • Equipment
  • Check valve: Not included
  • Draining plug: Included
  • Fittings: Glue
  • Pre-filter: Included
  • Support base: Included
  • Electrical characteristics
  • Electrical isolation: F Class
  • Motor speed operation: Variable Speed
  • Motor type: Asynchronous
  • Protection rating: IP55
  • Reset: Automatic
  • Service factor: S1
  • Service type: Continuous
  • Manufacturing characteristics
  • Discharge connection type: To Glue Connector
  • Discharge diameter: D50
  • Impeller type: Closed
  • Motor cooling: Fan
  • Stages: Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump
  • Suction connection type: To Glue Connector
  • Suction diameter: D50 - D63
  • Tightness by: Mechanical Seal
  • Materials
  • Diffuser: PP + 30% GF
  • Discharge body: PP + 30% GF
  • Gaskets: NBR
  • Impeller/s: PPO + 30% GF
  • Mechanical seal: Aluminium-Graphite
  • Mechanical seal bracket: PP + 30% GF
  • Motor casing: Aluminium
  • Motor shaft: Acero inoxidable AISI 431
  • Nuts and bolts: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Outer pump body: PP + 30% GF
  • Pre-filter: PP + 30% GF
  • Pre-filter lid: Polycarbonate
  • Pump shaft: AISI 431
  • Suction body: PP + 30% GF
  • Support base material: PP + 20% GF
  • Usage limits
  • Liquid temperature (ºC): Min: 4 - Max: 40
  • Maximum working pressure (bar): 3
Name Language Format Size Download Favourite
Silen Plus instruction manual .pdf 1.58 Mb f
Product portfolio .pdf 2.22 Mb f
Technical appendix Spanish .pdf 1.48 Mb f
How to change Bluetooth (R) SILENPLUS .pdf 771.17 Kb f
Silen Plus dimensions .pdf 719.11 Kb f
Safety recommendations for surface pumps .pdf 523.54 Kb f
ESPA Pool catalogue .pdf 2.24 Mb f
Silen Plus brochure .pdf 1.73 Mb f


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